When it comes to optimizing drilling operations in the oil and gas industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Digger Downhole Tools has been a trusted name, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance performance. Among their innovative offerings is the Hydraulic/Mechanical Stage Collar, a game-changer in downhole tool technology.

Key Features:

  1. One design for mechanical and hydraulic stage tools.

  2. Boasts a robust locking mechanism.

  3. Consistent shifting pressure.

  4. Adjustable shifting pressure through externally applied set screws.

  5. Standard seals rated for -15F to +400F and suitable for sour service and high-pressure gas environments.

  6. PDC Drillable.

  7. Available Materials: L-80, 13CR, N-80, P-110, T-95, Q-125, C-90, C-110.

Customized as per client requirements.