HEAVY DUTY SPIRALIZER (L , R , S) Model : DR-14 , DR-15 & DR-16

Digger – Heavy Duty Welded Spiralizer is designed for high deviatedhorizontal well where casing centralization is the main consideration.The spiralizer system is made of steel, giving it a toughness advantage over other materials and alloys in different style, but normally straight or curved vane is used. Its ensures positive stand-off, maximum flow, maximum well bore stabilization, maximum holding strength, decreased drag. Both spiral and straight fin designs minimize drag forces while running pipe. The fins glide smoothly on the low side of horizontal boreholes. It can be made to float between casing stop collars or be secured to the casing OD, if it is required to rotate the casing while cementing. Due to inclined or spiral fins they help to create turbulence in the fluid which removes any wellbores debris or mud cake deposited and helps in smooth running in of the casing string.

Features :

1. It helps for proper distribution of cement around the casing during the cementing.

2. It also help to reduce the friction for inserting the casing in wellbore.

3. It helps to improve strength of cement bond by evenly distributing the cement

Note : Available in 4 1/2″ to 13 3/8″ sizes. Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request.