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Stand Off Band (DR-21,22)


Model No.

  • DR-21(Straight)
  •  DR-22(Spiral)

Product No.:
DR-30021 and DR-30022

Digger- Stand off Band is designed to provide a positive stand off the casing for both cased and open holes. The angled fins provide increased turbulent flow. These Slip On Stand Off Band is required where close tolerance between the casing and the hole is being encountered. Mainly it’s designed for the liner applications. It’s made of one-piece high grade steel which ensures extra strength and superior toughness.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for use in vertical & intermediate wells, where positive standoff is required and torque & drag reduction is not an essential requirement.
  • Zero starting and running force
  • Higher restoring force
  • Low friction factor
  • Available in Straight and Spiral configuration

Available in 4 1/2″ to 20 ” sizes. Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request.