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Stab In Stinger (DR-OM-19)


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Digger Stab-in Stinger is used for cementing large diameter casings lowered on drill pipe. The string presents special cementing consideration due to high displacement volume of large diameter casing. Problem with high displacement are overcome by using Stab in Cementing Equipment to allow cementing through drill pipe.

Available sizes 3 1/2” to 6 5/8” and any special sizes can be custom made as required.

Features and Benefits

  • Small diameter inner string off drill pipe is used to displace cement which minimizes displacement volume behind cement and there by reduces contamination and save time.
  • Drill out of cement inside large casing is minimized by controlling cement top with displacement fluid in drill pipe and Poppet valve in Stab in Shoe.
  • Reduce cement volume conventional displacement requires calculation of excess cement factor, whereas with stab-in methods excess cement need be no greater than the volume of the drill pipe. No large plugs are needed.
  • Protect casing cementing pressures are confined to the drill pipe as in a squeeze job.