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Slip on Heavy Duty Spiralizer (DR-51,52,53)

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Model No.

  • DR-51 -L
  • DR-52 -R
  • DR-53 -S                

Product No.:

Digger- Slip on Welded Spiralizer provide low coefficient of friction to reduce drag forces while running in pipe thus optimizing mud displacement and minimizing pressure drop across the Centralizer. In this the    bow springs   hardly welded to the end collars on suitable temperature with proper correct grade electrode. While giving     maximum standoff these blades create vortex flow to optimize mud displacement. They are available with straight vane or spiral vane type options which resist high side loads. They are capable of providing maximum stand-off.

Features and Benefits

  • It helps for proper distribution of cement around the casing during the cementing.
  • It also helps to reduce the friction for inserting the casing in wellbore.
  • It helps to improve strength of cement bond by evenly distributing the cement

Available size is 4-1/2” to 20”. Any special configuration can be supplied on customer’s demand.