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Hinged Welded Cement Basket (DR-17)

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Model No.- DR-17

Product No.- DR-30017

Digger – Hinged Welded Cement Basket is designed with Flexible Bow Springs, heat-treated under controlled conditions for maximum strength and uniformity are welded to slip-on collars and overlapping metal fins for flexibility and strength to support long columns of cement during primary cementing operations it is easily installed by sliding it over the pin end of a casing joint, prior to make-up of the joint.

Features and Benefits

  • Special Iron Phosphate coating process to prevent from Rust and insures stocking in the open for a long time.
  • Its design allows cement to flow in an upward direction, yet helps to prevent it from falling downward.
  • Developed to exceeds API 10D standards

Available in 4 1/2″ to 20 ” sizes. Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request.