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Differential Fill Up Float Collar

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Differential Fill Up Float collars designed by Digger is provided with differential valve. This design maintains constant differential pressure between inside and outside the casing because of entry of fluid through the bottom of the casing. A weighted ball is dropped from the surface which converts this valve into a one-way cementing valve that allow cement to fill up annulus. Differential fill up Float equipment’s 90% casing fill up during run-in.

Available sizes 4 ½” to 20” and any special sizes can be custom made as required.

Features and Benefits

  • All internal parts are PDC drillable
  • These are fitted with differential valve
  • Rated in compliance with API RP 10F standards
  • Reduces running time of casing and reduces surge pressure on formation
  • Differential Collar with Shoe provides additional buoyancy by allowing only 81% casing fill up further enhancing draw work efficiency