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Conventional Float Shoe


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Digger Float Shoe has a rounded profile with integral check valve attached to bottom of a casing string prevents reverse flow, or U-tubing, of cement slurry from the annulus into the casing or flow of wellbore fluids into the casing string as it is run.

Available sizes 4 ½” to 20” and any special sizes can be custom made as required.

Features and Benefits

  • Design is particularly suited to vertical, horizontal and deviational wells
  • All internal parts are PDC drillable
  • NR Valve is designed for HPHT conditions.
  • Floats are spring-loaded, poppet-type valve or flapper type
  • Floats are available with single or double poppet valve
  • The float shoe also guides the casing toward the center of the hole to minimize hitting rock ledges or washouts as the casing is run into the wellbore.