Digger Downhole Tools Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Profile

Digger Downhole Tools, India was founded in March 2018 for the maintenance and repair machines for the automobile & oil industry. The company quickly expanded to include the Casing Accessories (Centralizers, Float Shoe, Float Collar, Cementing Plugs, Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers) manufacturing with best of its quality.

Along-with joint ventures held for providing sales & services, an agreement was established with a reputed company for sales and assembly of Liner Hanger & Packers. DIGGER and associate companies were able to quickly generate sales of the Casing Accessories & Liner Hanger System within India, Europe and Africa.

As a result of the gained knowledge and experience, a proprietary Digger & it’s associate Products was developed in the same year. Through extensive development, it has been continually advanced to modern technical standards in Oil & Gas industry.

Digger has developed a full offering of complimentary tools to support the operations, such as a two-stage-cementation tool and Running Tools. All tools are field proven with successful deployments in the global market.