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Company Overview

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Company Overview

DIGGER operates with a small but highly skilled team from the manufacturing and operational base in India. All manufacturing, assembly and testing is carried out in-house in accordance with API systems.

With hundreds of products deployed to date, the company has grown to be internationally recognized as one of the leading providers in Casing Accessories (Centralizers, Floating Equipment, Cementing Plugs, Bridge Plugs).


Why Digger ?

  • Bridge Plugs & Cement Retainers are easy drillable
  • Low Cost and in time delivery with no compromise to Quality
  • Products are advised as per the customer requirements to save rig time & resources
  • Product Designing may be customized suiting the site and well conditions
  • World Class Testing facility
  • Continual Improvement in Product Performance by Regular Feedback Review
  • Experienced & Specialized Design & Development Engineers in Oil & Gas

Product Range

The standard product range is available in sizes from

  1. Casing Accessories: 4-1/2” to 20” in a range of materials
  2. Liner Hanger System: Liner Size 4-1/2” / 5” with 7” Casing with below features
  • Mechanical / Hydraulic set
  • Mechanical / Hydraulic release
  • Rotating / Non Rotating systems
  • Single / Double Cone systems
  • Liner Hanger with/without Mechanical Lock
  • Liner Top Packer with/without Hold Down Sub
  • Cementing / Non Cementing systems
  • Cementing Heads & related equipment
  • Tie Back Equipment (Seal Stem, Tie Back Packer)
  • Float and Reamer equipment

• Non-standard sizes and materials are available upon request.

The following parts are also manufactured

  • Parts for mechanical engineering and tool making
  • Parts and accessories for the Automobile, Petroleum and natural gas industries
  • Thread connections for different sizes according to API

• Special calibres are available for manufacturing threads for the petroleum industry